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Rey Mendoza Jr. is a very nice person to work with. He is on time and easy to talk with whatever adjustments you might need in the work. Congratulations and more power!

Tony Pasia, Penafrancia Resorts, DSAPI.org

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The first time we asked Rey to do the photography for
our renewal of vows, we knew he was good, but not THIS good! Rey
and his staff were very patient with us as we didnt know a thing
about projection in front of a camera. One thing I most appreciate
about his work is how they he were able to capture the emotion at
the moment, at different angles at that

Dra Meg Moran Rosales, Wedding Photography client

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This training is very useful for my personal use and
it helped me a lot in creating effects and editing images easily.
Before a took up this training, i am always having a hard time on
using this program because everything in it looks complicated but
sir Rey is a really good trainer and he made it all look so easy.
He taught us cool things that i never expected that i can easily
learn. That’s why i can really say that i learned a lot in this
training and i enjoyed my time here. 10

Regina Tubig, DLSU Manila , Photoshop Class

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I’m very fortunate to meet Mr. Rey Mendoza as our professor
in DLSU, because he discusses it very well than any other instructors.
Thank you and hope to see you again.

Jacqueline Coo, DLSU Manila , Photoshop Class

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I enjoyed learning web design, and it was because our
instructor does not make things complicated. He explains everything
well. He is accommodating and he always answers our question intellectually.

LouchieAquino, DLSU Manila , Web Design Class

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I can give the perfect score of 10 for this wonderful
training. Maybe for the reason that I didn’t experienced this kind
of training while I’, in Mapua Institute of Technology. Based on
the course title itself “Complete Photoshop” I feel that i became
a more productive person after learning so much more technique.
And this kind of training center is good especially for those who
still have interests about photo editing.

Harry Dominguez, DLSU Manila , Photoshop Class

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